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Pint A to Pint B

This “Easy Drinking” tour is a crash course in Rogue Valley beer. This is a casual beer touring experience perfect for friends and groups of mixed beer knowledge. This tour explores three Rogue Valley breweries at a leisurely pace and includes tasters at each stop. Our tours are lead by knowledgeable guides familiar with the breweries. This tour is ideal for those who want a fun taste of the Rogue Valley beer scene without the technical information offered on “Beer Enthusiast” tour.

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Our Beer Enthusiast tour is a terrific touring experience designed for beer enthusiasts of all knowledge levels in their love of beer. You’ll explore three Rogue Valley breweries talking with brewery staff, touring each facility and then enjoying tasters at each brewery. Beer savvy tour guides lead you through a flavorful afternoon talking all things beer with local beer movers and shakers. This tour is geared toward people wanting a deeper dive of the Rogue Valley beer scene.

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We’re ready to tour with you! Tour space is limited (our tours are typically small groups) so reservations are necessary to save your seats.